10 Earth Day Tips

Each year the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22. Today we will provide 10 simple ways to celebrate this day:

Picture: Burst/Matthew Henry

1. Leave your car at home

It’s a perfect time to leave the car at home and get around by public transport, bike or even better to take a walk. If you need to do a long distance trip – organize a carpool, or use a rideshare app (e.g. BlaBlaCar).

2. Make your home greener

Reducing your home’s negative impact on the planet is a great idea. Moreover, it can help to save some money in the long run. Switch your traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient, use cloth towels instead of paper ones, turn off the AC/heat when no one’s home, or reduce water consumption by turning it off when brushing your teeth.

3. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Try to reduce your carbon footprint and take Carbon Print Quiz. You can use one of these links: https://www.earthday.org/take-action/footprint-calculator/ or https://www.nature.org/greenliving/carboncalculator/index.htm

4. Think twice before buying new stuff

There are things that you can borrow or rent instead of buying your own. You can also donate your old clothes and home goods instead of throwing them out. The less waste heading to the dump the better.

5. Save trees

Unsubscribe from unwanted junk mail, change your paper bills to online billing, switch to e-books, read documents online instead of printing them, and the same deal with event or travel tickets. The internet these days is used for almost everything.

6. Switch to Reusable Bags

Disposable shopping bags that we get from almost every shopping, are very harmful to the environment.  Switching to reusable grocery bags, will help to save more than 1 million birds and thousands of turtles and other sea animals, who die each year from ingesting plastic.

7. Think before you eat

Try cooking more at home and eat less take-out. It will help to cut back on the waste produced by takeout bags, containers, and plastic cutlery. Buy local food to reduce the distance traveled by your dinner from farm to table. Or be the most health-conscious and give up meat for just one day a week.

8. Line-dry your laundry

Line drying clothes conserve energy, uses fewer chemicals, and is more gentle on clothing, so it will last longer. Plus it will reduce your expenses.

9. Unplug electronics

Turn off and unplug electronics you’re not using. This includes turning off your computer at night. You’re just wasting energy by leaving the devices plugged in, even when they’re not turned on.

Photo: Flickr.com / Pacific Southwest Region 5

10. Take action

Join Earth Day Network’s campaign to End Plastic Pollution, minimize your waste production with Zero Waste Challenge, take part in cleanup at a local park, river or beach, or just plant a new tree.

Remember, Every Day is Earth Day and these small lifestyle changes can help to protect the earth, save money, and make our life a litttle bit better. Ealittleevery one of us can make a huge difference!

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