Air Pollution Have Given Birth to a New Industry

Not so long ago, we all thought bottled water is ridiculous, today we can not imagine a world without it. And now a new business based on a simple idea is becoming more and more popular: collecting clean fresh air and selling it to people who live in the world’s most polluted areas.

In 2015, a Canadian company Vitality Air started to sell canned fresh air collected at the Rocky Mountains, in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Mr. Moses Lam, CEO and founder of the company, admits that all started as a joke, but now they have distributors for their products in China, India, South Korea, Vietnam and Poland.

Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Photo: Unsplash/ Brandon Jean

The biggest appeal seems to be among Chinese residents. In 2016, only 20 percent of 338 cities in China reached the national air quality standard. Recently, American Lung Association air quality study showed that Bangor, a city in Maine, United States, has one of the cleanest air in America, and Mr. Moses Lam said that “Maine could be the next location for collecting and bottling pure, natural air”.

Maine, United States. Photo: Unsplash/ Zac Durant

Australian based company Green & Clean Air, founded by John Dickinson and Theo Ruygrok, collects and compresses into a canister air from Australia’s most pristine and iconic destinations. On their website, you can find canned air from the Blue Mountains, Gold Coast, Bondi Beach, Tasmania and Yarra Valley. Now they continue to look for new destinations and plan to offer New Zealand fresh air in the nearest future. In 2016, they sent its first shipment of clean air canisters to India, now the cans are also exported to China. The standard size can of air contains about 130 breaths, the large can contains up to 225 breaths.

Although the idea of selling fresh air is not new – activists were using canned air as early as 2010 to attract attention to air pollution problem – but imagine, an 8-liter can of fresh Rocky Mountain air, which lasts for about 200 deep breaths, costs 29$! So, if you are out of work and need money, you can move to Maine or some other place with striking view and untouched landscape, and than start to sell air to India or China.

Sure, it will not help to save the environment, but at least you can make a good profit!

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  1. Deast
    Deast says:

    Craziest thing I have heard in a long time. Using industrial manufacturing to bottle and transport clean air – do they understand that such things are getting the environment of our planet WORSE not better?

    • Sophia
      Sophia says:

      I believe they do, but they don’t care, they are making money! As there are now several such companies than it should profitable. I’m curious to know also, where the empty bottles will end up after spraying a few gasps into the mouth of those rich idiots who buy such things?

  2. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    A person takes approximately 23,000 breaths a day. Taking into accout that air pollution is getting worse every year, maybe one day air would be so bad that we really will need to pay for breathing clean air.


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