Artists turn smog fumes into awesome street art

The art empowers us to do good deeds, brings new perspectives on processes, and offers unconventional results that stimulate innovation, the development of new industries, creating jobs, products and services, inspires us to make the world a better place. When art does that, and it is sustainable, that’s truly an amazing and wonderful thing.

In July 2016, talented artists teamed up with a start-up called Graviky Labs to create street art from ink and paint made up entirely of smog. And now, Anirudh Sharma, founder of Graviky Labs, together with a team of artists travel to the cities with high level of air pollution around the world to create street arts illustrating the effects of carbon waste.

According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is the largest environment and human health threat. The findings show that almost 7 million people every single year die prematurely from illness attributable to air pollution. To bring attention to this major environmental problem, India-based Graviky Labs launched Air-Ink, a series of markers, oil-based paints and spray cans made entirely out of car exhaust. Air-Ink is made with the help of an exhaust filter called Kaalink, that can capture 95% of the carbon soot from vehicles. So instead of being released into the air, and eventually into our bodies, the particular matter pollution is purified and processed into black ink and paint. And with these smog-based art supplies, a group of artists is creating street art in different cities and in the process, making people aware of one of the biggest problems that our world is facing today.

“We’re at a time where we need art not just for beauty. We need it for social and political purposes. We need it to create environmental awareness because pollution is at an all time high. Air-Ink will help a lot of people.”

Graviky Labs claims to have cleaned 1.6 trillion litres of outdoor air so far. Now they are also working on air quality monitoring sensors that will provide information about current level of indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Check out a selection of the artwork below, they are awesome!

(Photographs: Graviky Labs)

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  1. patricia keilthy
    patricia keilthy says:

    What a clever innovation!! I’m SO impressed. If the system could be spread globally, the cost of production would come down and the inks/ markets would be commercial contenders. I’d buy the Air-Ink products over others to support the planet
    And it’s people!! WELL DONE!!


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