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Sydney’s air pollution prompted NSW Health to issue warning

By world standards, Australia has very clean air. Strategies developed to manage air pollution have contributed to reducing the levels of pollutants in our air. However, levels of some pollutants, including ground-level ozone and particulate matter, can still exceed current air quality standards. In addition, population growth, urbanization and increasing demands for transportation and energy consumption are […]

India’s Air Pollution Rivals China’s as World’s Deadliest

The number of premature deaths in China caused by dangerous air particles, known as particulate matter or just particulates, has stabilized globally in recent years but has risen nearly 50% in India, according to the report, issued jointly on Tuesday by the Health Effects Institute, a Boston research institute focused on the health impacts of […]

BY KHRYSTYNA KICH: Indoor Air Pollution Worse Than Outdoor

Air pollution is a major environmental health problem affecting every one of us. When we think about air pollution, we usually think about smog, deforestation and emissions from industrial factories and cars. The fact is, the air in our homes can be five times more polluted than the air you breathe outdoors. According to recent […]

The “single biggest cause” of air pollution

We humans are the only beings who can control and manipulate the environment, destroy it or preserve it. Even some irresponsible politicians claims otherwise we all know that the world is on the verge to collapse and that the environmental situation we face in the world is the direct result of thoughtless human activity. Simple […]

The problem we all turn a blind eye to

Unfortunately it is in the human nature that we all suppress things which are not pleasant or daily in front of our eyes. We like to keep our mind busy with the pleasant things of our daily life and that is good so, but here, as unpleasant it is, we need to stay focused. After […]