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Do Air Purifiers Work for Mold? Get an Air Purifier and Prevent Dust, Filth, Smoke, and Mold

By Jennifer Branett, http://tenreviewed.com/ In today’s era, due to increased pollution, breathing in fresh air has perhaps become a challenging task. In most of the cases, regular maintenance using traditional home-based cleaning detergents don’t always prove to be effective enough in preserving your residential area from hazardous impurities, germs, filth, dust particles, and bacteria. Therefore, […]

Wildfires in Greece: latest news, shocking photos and videos

A large forest fire broke out in Greece near Athens on July 23. A fire quickly became unmanageable and spread rapidly into inhabited areas. More than 80 people have died and hundreds more were injured. The death toll is unfortunately likely to rise. More than 100 people still missing. Where are the fires in Greece? The fires […]

The EU Commission exerts pressure on countries failing to tackle air pollution

9 European countries, including Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the United Kingdom – which all still burn coal to generate electricity – were threatened with sanctions for exceeding the established air quality standards. The air pollution was discussed on 30 January, at the meeting of Environment Ministers in Brussels. European Commissioner for Environment, Karmenu […]

10 Earth Day Tips

Each year the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22. Today we will provide 10 simple ways to celebrate this day: 1. Leave your car at home It’s a perfect time to leave the car at home and get around by public transport, bike or even better to take a walk. If you need to do a […]