Sunday is Mother’s Day – celebrate and honor both of them!

On 22 April we celebrated Earth Day, let’s take a moment and look what was done on this day to make our world a bit better.

In celebration of Earth Day 2017, Apple has released a new video series that highlights the company’s green energy efforts and explain some of the science behind clean energy today. Also Apple has shared its goal of making its products from recycled materials in the nearest future. According to the ‘2017 Environmental Responsibility Report’ Apple is now powering 96 per cent of its operations with renewable energy in the company’s offices, retail stores and product distribution centers. In 24 countries Apple’s use of renewable energy is even 100 per cent.

Also Google joined the Earth day celebration and has created a beautiful and thoughtful Doodle which encourages people across the world to be more environmentally friendly. This Google Doodle gives easy Earth Day tips which can make a big difference, and it has also promoted such conservation efforts as:

  • 50 Reefs (Click here). The Ocean Agency launched new initiative in order to save reefs as it is estimated that if action will not be taken now, only 10 per cent of the world’s coral reefs will survive beyond 2050.
  • Earth Day 2017: Ensuring Healthy Rainforest Habitats (Click here). The Jane Goodall Institute provided rain-forest conservation program which will help to protect, save and restore this critical habitat.
  • World Wildlife Fund (Click here). World Wildlife Fund launched new project where you can make a symbolic adoption to help to save endangered species and protect wildlife.

Earth Space Circle Blog also created a new video to celebrate Earth Day, check

For the first 1.000 March for Science participants on the steps of the American Museum of Natural History entrance the Earth Day started with free coffee and donuts. Documentary “Saving My Tomorrow” was presented by HBO and the American Museum of Natural History, featuring Museum scientists and students from the Museum’s Science and Nature Program. Also it has presented a new video Earth Day 1970 – 2017: What’s Changed?.

Talking about March for Science, tens of thousands participated in more than 600 cities across the globe. A lot of celebrities such as Bill Nye, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, and so many more got involved.

The Earth Day is over, but we still need to remember that Every Day is Earth Day. On second Sunday of May many European countries, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China and Japan are celebrating one of the most beautiful holidays – International Mother’s Day. The Oxford dictionary defines Mother’s Day as “a day of the year on which mothers are honored by their children,” so on this day we honor everyone’s mother, and it seems especially important that we also honor the Mother of everyone, our Planet!

Here is a list of eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts which will express our love and appreciation to our amazing moms, and also will show a gratitude to our Mother Earth:

  • Nothing beats the feeling of breakfast in bed. Start your mother’s day right by making her delicious breakfast with a fresh juice or coffee, toast or pancakes, locally produced eggs and/or seasonal fruits.
  • Consider giving your mom a potted plant rather than a bouquet of flowers. A bouquet will not last more than several days, while the potted plant can last for weeks or even for years. Living plants naturally remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during the day. Giving a live plant communicates so much to your beloved – you care about their health, their happiness, and the planet you both share.
  • All moms love pictures and photographs. Instead of buying printed cards or printing out photos, you can present your mom a wifi digital frame with her favorite photos uploaded. Such present is high on the level of thoughtfulness, and in addition saving paper will help the environment.
  • Also there is a wide range of organic cosmetics, natural perfumes, candles, organic clothes or bedding, organic grocery bags, gift certificates to green online or local stores.

Remember one of the things any mom enjoys the most is spending time with her children. Take a walk or a bike ride together and enjoy the nature as long we still can, have a picnic of locally grown dishes, go to an art exhibit or visit a restaurant that serves organic or local cuisine. There is no better gift than a little quality time together with your mom and treasuring her along with the Mother Earth. After all, we all live on Earth, we call it our home, we breathe its air, we drink its water, we eat food grown from its soils, it gave all of us the possibility to exist. And we need to appreciate that priceless gift.

Next Sunday there a two mothers to celebrate – enjoy and make them happy!

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