The EPA Has Started to Remove Obama-era Information

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  1. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    A very interesting article. I commend you for your efforts in trying to spread the word about climate change. In particular the denial by world leaders of the human impact on global warming.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Ecowatcher
    Ecowatcher says:

    The Independent just published on Thursday:
    Donald Trump wants to cut the US Environmental Protection Agency’s spending by about $2.4bn— nearly a third of its budget — which would force the cancellation of all research into climate change.
    In total some 3,200 employees, roughly one in five of the EPA’s workforce, would lose their jobs.
    Even the agency’s work on air and water quality would have to be reduced.
    The Clean Power Plan, which was introduced by Barack Obama to try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power stations, would be scrapped, among more than 50 other EPA initiatives.
    Mr Trump has spoken about protecting jobs in the coal industry at a time when many countries, including the UK, are starting to phase out the dirtiest form of fuel. However attempts to capture emissions from coal-fired power plants in a cost-effective way, so they do not contribute to global warming or pollute the atmosphere, are still ongoing. Mr Trump has talked about trying to promote this ‘clean coal’

    But his election was sponsored by the Oil, Gas and Coal industry, who wonders then. To make a man like him to a president must cost a fortune and he has to pay back. He clearly does not care about the health of his people. During the first week in office he ordered the EPA to remove all data about climate change from it’s website. And being aware that the denial of climate change will get costly he made a clever move. Recently, in his first joint address to Congress he pledged to increase defense spending, at the expense of other domestic programs including Obamacare.

  3. Christina
    Christina says:

    Everything that makes America great is now being destroyed – safe and clean environment, social care settings, long-standing “Welcome to America” belief… I simply can not understand how it is possible for one person to do so much harm to the previous efforts in such a short time? So much time and money was spent on developing regulations and laws on environment issue and within months a new administration tears them to pieces. Sure Trump doesn’t care about breathing healthy air. He’s just about making money. And our children and grandchildren will ultimately bear the catastrophic consequences of this administration.

    • Ecowatcher
      Ecowatcher says:

      It gets worse much worse.

      Trump’s climate order, which he signed on Tuesday, directs federal staff to examine and eliminate regulations and programs deemed burdensome to fossil fuel companies. It gets more and more clear that the ruling party and especially Mr. Trump does not care about the health of his people. Just let the industry pollute again the environment, it does not matter as long the ruble rolls. Let them poison the earth as long Trump’s friends earn good and of course as long his toy Twitter works. May be a coal fired power plant should be build beside Mar-a-Lago his weekend paradise where he burns the tax payer’s money.

      • hca
        hca says:

        Signing this new order may have some positive results as well: Mar-a-Lago and its owner under 10 feet of seawater 🙂

  4. Merry
    Merry says:

    If Mr. Trump was so good and really cared about all those miners, he would be working on perspective, retraining them to work in the renewable energy field which holds the future. And not bringing back work places which have no perspective at all. Coal mining is not coming back.

  5. woonoff57
    woonoff57 says:

    As Donald Trump continuing to mull whether to keep the U.S. in the Paris Agreement, 13 big businesses, including Google, Microsoft, Intel, Shell, BP and Walmart urged Trump to keep the US in the Paris Agreement on climate change. During his campaign for the US presidency, Trump vowed that he would cancel US participation in the Paris accord. But now as strong public disagreement on this issue arises, he seems not so confident to initiate the agreement exit procedure. Hope he will make a right decision.

    • Tadsa
      Tadsa says:

      No matter will US participate in agreement or no, this Paris agreement is a complete failure. US greenhouse gas emissions have fallen recently due to a switch from coal to natural gas and renewables in generating electricity. And there is so much mess about US leaving the Paris agreement, even though it hadn’t leaved yet. Look at Germany, it stops using nuclear power plants and leaving it more reliant on coal-burned plants. Why nobody takes into acoount that? Or that first and third world’s largest CO2 emitters, China and India, still produce 70% of electricity from coal. And they didn’t want to participate in that agreement, and nobody can force them to do that. Why should US should pay one of the highest emissions taxes while other countries will continue to use dirty coal? Sure the Paris agreement need to be renegotiated, as recently Rick Perry said.


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