The problem we all turn a blind eye to

Unfortunately it is in the human nature that we all suppress things which are not pleasant or daily in front of our eyes. We like to keep our mind busy with the pleasant things of our daily life and that is good so, but here, as unpleasant it is, we need to stay focused. After all it is our future and the future of our kids we are talking about. Air pollution costs run into multi billions and that is your tax money what is spent and why? Not because there is no other way but because the lobby of the fossil energy business is stronger than then your voice. Or why you believe that there is an American President in power who neglect that their is a man made climate change at all? Why he cancel funds to environmental organizations and channel money to Oil, Gas and Coal projects? Is it because he really believes in it, or is the reason that this guys sponsored his election. Guys he sold you out – he sold your future and the future of your kids for his own benefit. And as long we suppress our worries we wont act. Make sure that yourself and your kids are aware of the situation we face. Be aware of the problem of air pollution outside and inside your home and talk about it. Just think about it – when you checked last time the readings of the next air pollution monitor station? Do you know at all where it is and where you can find the readings published? Air pollution is not something what just happen far away – Mexico, India, China no it is exactly there were you live! Air Pollution costs alone in Europe (continent) 600.000 early death and cost the tax payer 1,6 billion USD a year, yes 10% of the European GDP ($-1.6-trillion-a-year-in-diseases-and-deaths,-new-who-study-says). An other study links air pollution to premature birth, saying that air pollution leads to 16,000 premature births in the United States each year, leading to billions of dollars in economic costs (


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  1. SAT
    SAT says:

    It is said that the Universe is made up by Electrons, Neutrons, Protons and Morons 🙂 Seems that the Morons getting slowly the majority. At least here at Earth where Politicians think more about how to fill their pockets than doing their job.

  2. EcoWatcher
    EcoWatcher says:

    I get sick in the stomach when I see what is going on in the United States. Cutting funds for the EPA to build a stupid wall – what a f….ing nonsense. A wall to keep Mexicans out – what wires are crossed in his mind. From what he is scarred? Immigrants? Isn’t his wife an immigrant too. Haven’t been his grand parents immigrants? The whole US is a country of immigrants. But to loose the achievements of a decade because of one neurotic man is sad and the world can just hope he wont stay long in office.

    • Christina
      Christina says:

      Last couple months have proven that America is more unstable than it was thought to be. Just getting a new president caused so much chaos, fear and anger. Somehow, it all looks like some kind of personal revenge against Obama, just stupid will to undo everything his predecessor have done.


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