While America freezes, Sydney records its hottest day in almost 80 years

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology reported that on Sunday, January 7, Sydney endured its hottest temperature in nearly 80 years. The temperature in Penrith in Sydney’s west reached scorching 47.3 degrees Celsius. The last time Sydney saw a day this hot was in 1939.

New South Wales residents have been warned of a rise in ozone pollution and fire dangers. Such high temperatures bring potentially dangerous levels of smog, which can create serious health problems. Ground-level ozone as a key component of smog forms when pollutants from cars, industry and naturally-occurring sources are baked by sunlight. Breathing high levels of ozone can aggravate allergy symptoms, and can cause serious complications of asthma and other chronic diseases. The New South Wales Ministry of Health warned people to drink plenty of water and limit their time outdoors. Note that the sick, elderly and children are especially susceptible to the effects of air pollution.

A heat wave is bringing temperatures so high that in some areas of South Australia the asphalt has melted.

Meanwhile, in the US, people are suffering from record cold weather. About 100 million people are facing a new challenge because of the extremely cold weather that has come on the US east coast.

In about 25 major US cities the temperatures have dropped almost to minus 40 degrees Celsius. Frosts in a number of areas are accompanied by strong winds, icy conditions and heavy snowfalls.

The cold snap dropped snow into sub-tropical Florida, where numerous people posted social media pictures of frozen iguanas that had fallen from trees.

In a number of coastal states, the wind raised a high tidal wave that flooded the streets of settlements located on the coast, according to Earth Chronicles. So, in Massachusetts, the authorities were forced to evacuate part of the population when the surf flooded some streets and the water froze.

On the USA TODAY YouTube channel, a video from the Boston suburbs appeared, which shows that cars on the street were stuck in ice. It’s not just snow, but the water that drowned the street and froze because of record frosts.

A number of airports are closed, in particular, the John F. Kennedy airport in New York, a lot of flights have been canceled, planes flying to New York are redirected to other cities. Medical facilities work with the increased workload due to the increasing flow of patients with frostbite.

According to the BBC, extreme weather has already caused the deaths of 19 people in the US and 2 people in Canada.

Several days of subzero temperatures have turned Niagara Falls, the country’s biggest tourist attraction, into the icy winter wonderland.

According to the weather forecasts, the temperature in the coming days will continue to decline because of the cold arctic air that runs toward the Atlantic coast of the United States.

Do we have just get used to more extreme weather? Is that all just normal fluctuations in our climate?
According to Mr. Trump there is no global warming and all reports are just fake news. May be his opinion will change once his golf ball freezes in the air but then it might be to late.


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